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RIKUTEC Recycling Service

Guideline for industrial packaging recovery:

"The Packaging Law, which has been in force since January 2019, obliges manufacturers or distributors to take back used packaging. This take-back obligation can also be fulfilled by commissioning third parties.“

Source: VerpackG, 01.01.2019, Section 3, §3

RIKUTEC is the specialist in demanding applications for state-of-the-art, highly secure packaging solutions. With its system solutions manufactured using the coextrusion blow molding process (Poly IBC and RIKUTEC drum), RIKUTEC covers a wide range of applications in a wide variety of industries. As a reliable partner of companies from the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, we are aware of our special responsibility. Therefore, we are now offering our new “RIKUTEC RECYCLING SERVICE” for our partners and customers. Our aim is to actively reduce the negative impact of packaging waste on the environment. Through the “RIKUTEC RECYCLING-SERVICE”, our used drums and poly IBC’s will in future be taken back after five years of usage. Subsequently, these will be used in our standardised recycling process in the form of regranulate made from them for the production of hollow bodies.

The most important facts at a glance

According to the current Packaging Ordinance, chemical companies are obliged to take back used packaging.

  • RIKUTEC supports its customers by taking on this responsibility
  • RIKUTEC customers benefit from an environmentally conscious recycling service for their containers
  • RIKUTEC offers the recycling service not only for “RIKUTEC containers”.
  • RIKUTEC builds on the expertise of chemists and hazardous materials officers
  • RIKUTEC closes production cycles towards more sustainability
  • RIKUTEC actively promotes the reduction of carbon footprints
  • RIKUTEC is part of a European recycling-network


  • Collection

    If you would like to return the containers at the end of the term and thus recycle them, simply contact us. We will take care of the professional collection from you.

  • Rinsing

    With special equipment, our certified partner takes over the safe and professional cleaning of your containers for filling goods of all hazard classes.

  • Grinding

    The dismantled IBCs are pre-shredded in the shredder and processed into regrind in a cutting machine

  • Washing

    The regrind flakes are washed in a warm water bath, separating them from sinking impurities.

  • Drying

    The washed ground material is dried in an air stream.

  • Granulation

    The dry regrind is regranulated in the extruder after the mechanical properties have been tested. A specially developed system configuration allows the production of customised and homogeneous HDPE compound batches. The pellet characteristics are continuously controlled.

  • Processing

    The application-specific HDPE regranulate is used as a sustainable raw material alternative in the production of various new hollow bodie.


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RIKUTEC Recycling Service

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