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RIKUTEC as an employer

The RIKUTEC Group is a family owned company serving a variety of markets around the world. Our employees and customers value us for our decades of expertise, but even more importantly they appreciate our corporate culture. For us, a respectful and cooperative relationship always comes first. We promote an open communication and feedback culture that enables us to create a pleasant environment in which motivation, commitment, drive and expertise meet and represent the recipe for success in our daily work. We all pull together with the common goal of generating customer enthusiasm, steadily improving and expanding our product range and opening up new markets worldwide. Teamwork is valued and practiced routinely by the RIKUTEC Group.


We are a team and partner. We give each other advice and help each other. Together we can achieve more. We work together to present the best possible results to our customers.


We adhere to agreements and take responsibility for our own work results. We question our own actions and put the customer in the spotlight.


We trust and respect each other. We believe in the abilities of all our team members. We give honest feedback and value the opinions of our colleagues.


We Care. The wishes and requirements of our customer are in the main focus for us. We develop ideas, take initiative and act proactively. We act instead of reacting.


We value open, interactive and proactive communication. We openly deal with criticism and listen to each other. Departmental and national boundaries do not limit our communication.


We work with passion and highest motivation for our customers. We combine technical enthusiasm, a common goal and family environment.

What our employees value:

“The work is fun and teamwork is very important to us”
“We can contribute and implement our own ideas”
“Dealing with colleagues is friendly”
“Hand in Hand”
“The decision-making processes are short and fast”
“The doors are always open, regardless of whether it’s a colleague or the boss”