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SOTRALENTZ-HABITAT France installs RIKUTEC tank on the factory premises in Alsace

Drulingen / France in January 2018. SOTRALENTZ-HABITAT France, a member of the RIKUTEC Group, has installed a custom-made Aqua’Terne 204 on its own premises.

The product AT 204 offers special benefits that the company is taking advantage of: The Aqua’Terne 204 is the container series for industrial and municipal large-scale projects and is particularly interesting when objects cannot be connected to the public sewer system.
The Aqua’Terne 204 is used as a septic tank on the factory premises in Alsace. The 40,000 litre tank is suitable for 50 people and is used locally by various companies.
The cistern can reach a load capacity of up to 11.5 t axle load due to its smooth inner wall and outer ribbing (double-walled). This makes the tank robust enough for lorries to drive on.
The Aqua’Terne 204 is available in sizes from 5,000 litres to 52,500 litres and is suitable for rainwater use, for retention or as a leaching tank, and more. Also, the cistern is also available as a extinguishing water tank.